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How it works

What should I do to place an order?

It can be challenging to figure out how our service works, especially with so many tabs and suggestions. Although we try to make our website as user-friendly as possible, it can be problematic sometimes for people to understand what to do, especially if they’re in a hurry. No need to worry anymore: you can order any sample you need following these instructions.

Look at these simple steps you can follow to place an order and get your excellent paper.

Step 1. Provide the order information

You need to send us all the information and instructions you have. Using them, we can easily understand what is expected of us. Send everything relevant: guidelines, articles to read, number of sources and pages, and your specific demands. Indicate the deadline and any other relevant information, and place the order.

Step 2. Log in or register

Once you click on the Place an order button, you are sent to another page where you have to log in or register. If you didn’t use our service before, you’ll be asked to identify only the most basic information to register. Don’t worry: everything is secure there, and you won’t need to fear the loss of your private data. It’s done only so that we can send you notifications about your order or contact you in case our experts have any questions.

Step 3. Proceed with your payment

It’s easy to pay for the services: after you’ve given all the information, the price for your order is already calculated by our system. Once you see it and decide whether it suits you, you can pay for it. Wait till you’ve confirmed the transaction, and you’re done.

Step 4. Wait for the expert to finish your paper

It’s essential to stay in touch with your writer, and you can message your professional or our support team if you have any questions or if something should be changed.

Step 5. Wait while we check the paper for plagiarism

We make sure that the written text we send you is not plagiarized and is entirely original. We use our reliable plagiarism checker to ensure that the result is entirely new and all the information is cited.

Step 6. After the delivery, check and confirm your order

After your task is done, we send the paper’s preview to you. You can look through it and decide if it suits your initial instructions and if the quality is good. If you’re sure that everything is as you asked, approve the order. After the approval, you can download the file and use it as an example for your own writings.