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We focus solely on original content

The main demand we give to all our writers is that they must produce content that is truly original. What do we mean by that? It means that all the papers we give to our customers are written from scratch. When you get a paper from us, you’ll find a text that is not only created with respect to your needs but also features unique content.

Our software doesn’t tolerate plagiarism

Our company understands that plagiarism is a serious issue. Therefore, we make big investments in the prevention of any plagiarism cases. When our writers upload the papers to the servers, special software checks whether there are any problems. In case some excessive similarities appear, we immediately ask the writer to change the text and ensure that it’s as original as possible within the confines of instructions. When you get a paper from our company, you can be absolutely sure that the content we give is novel. After all, we’ve done everything to ensure that the paper you get will not have any plagiarism.

We properly cite our sources

A big aspect of our anti-plagiarism work includes investments into teaching the writers to cite everything properly. We know that many people encounter problems because they simply don’t know how to cite correctly. Our team knows this and does everything to train the writers to be absolutely perfect at citing. We work with a variety of standard citation formats such as APA and MLA but we don’t shy away from something new too as long as you give proper instructions. Since the outlined frameworks focus on giving maximal credit to the original authors and call for proper citing of even the smallest details, you can expect our writers to follow the standards.