Money-back guarantee


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Asking for a refund is okay with us

If for some reason you decide to cancel your order, you can get your money back. If you haven’t approved the order yet, you can simply click the refund button in your account. Partial refunds are also readily available in case you’ve approved the order and less than 14 days passed. In case you have any questions, feel free to ask our support team.

Check out these cases to know when you can get a refund

We have a very elaborate policy for cases that involve refunds. When can you get your money back? Here’s the list of options:

  1. You want to cancel your order before we’ve assigned a writer to it: we shall give your money back with no question asked.
  2. You accidentally placed two or more orders and immediately informed us about it: in this case, we’ll compensate you for the price of the canceled orders.
  3. We failed to find a writer for you: in case, there’s no one available, we also return funds with no questions asked.
  4. Your order arrived late: in case you get your paper at an incorrect time, we’re always ready to consider a partial refund for your material.

Our company pays tremendous attention to maintaining the high quality of our products. Obviously, prior to giving a refund, we want to know all the necessary circumstances:

  • For all refund cases, we give you 14 days to outline the key problems with your paper. In a situation when 15 and more days go by, refunds cease to be available.
  • Then, our team thoroughly considers all the claims and includes a consultation with the writer.
  •  In case our experts find the claims reasonable, we will determine a fair sum to be paid back to you.

As you may see, we’re very friendly to the customers in this regard. Our company intends to give you great papers instead of offering a service that is purely about making money.